I’m front end developer with a sense of design having more than 3 years of experience with PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have worked with several foreign and domestic clients.

My ultimate expertise and passion lies in WordPress. WordPress is what makes me passionate about the web. These days I have been working on several WordPress based web applications that incorporate a mixture of techniques including Data-Driven UIs.

I began using computers in late 90’s while still in my childhood. As the time went on, I learnt to program in GW Basic both for school and hobby and this way I was first introduced to the programming logic. I was so inspired by GW Basic at that time that I decided to use it for solving my simple Mathematics problems but I was not succeeded. My first encounter with HTML was in 2003, and at that time I was instantly overwhelmed by the 200 lines code filled with every possible combination of font, basefont, strike and u tags. Nothing could seem logical to me then.

It was not until late 2008 that I began learning more about HTML and in turn, CSS. Chris Coyier’s video podcasts about converting Photoshop mockups into HTML proved to be a great deal in my journey. I created some more projects for learning purpose and decided to delve further into web technologies. That was the time when words like jQuery, Mootools and AJAX haunted me. But I kept on learning on my own until I gradually figured out how things work.

Besides that, I’m also a published author and I also contribute articles on Tuts+ network. While in my free time I like to read books, learn something new and work on my own personal projects that keep me motivated about what I do. I take the quality and look of my code very seriously and I’m obsessed with performance.

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